Strong Women and the “Men” Who Fear Them

I’ll come right out and say it. Men who think women shouldn’t lift heavy are just weak and afraid of strong women. I never thought that one day I’d find myself in a position having to help women realize their true potential and overcome their fears; not of working hard, but of being OSTRACIZED by others for being fit. It is absolutely ridiculous. I’m about to rant about men who fear strong women and women who fear public opinion. But first: It is the duty of a man to make a woman feel beautiful. Any less than this is the sign of a weak man.



Most of the time I deal with the fitness end of the whole “strong women” issue. Yet, every once in a while I poke my head out of the gym and I’m shocked to see and hear about bullshit “men” keeping women down. Call me crazy but I think a strong woman is sexy. Seriously, what kind of man purposely wants his woman to be weak? Someone who is weak themselves and can’t handle the idea of physical, mental, emotional, and independent strength in their significant other.  These aren’t real men. They’re afraid. And they should be.

Aw yeah.....

Aw yeah…..

I train mostly women. More often than not, at some point we have to talk about being strong and fit. They have reservations that are rarely there own, the issues stem from those around them. Issues such as being seen as TOO strong, or TOO fit. Let’s get one thing straight, it IS possible to be strong AND feminine. These women are afraid to get fit because of even the POTENTIAL of being ridiculed by others. Which is ludicrous with a capital STUPID; that grown women, would endanger their own health for fear of becoming strong. Thanks Traci Anderson, Gwenyth Paltrow, and every weak man who has ever held back a woman, simply because they suck at life for making the lives of these women harder than they already are.

Make your own damn sandwich.

Make your own damn sandwich.

“….challenge the conventional norm of the healthy body image for men and women, and encourage ALL individuals to engage in heavy strength training.” Brandon Morrison says it best here, that an unattainable body imagine is being shoved down the throats of men and women nowadays and frankly I agree. Women I train come to me speaking of ridicule they recieve for being strong; being called a “monster”, manly, or gross. To the men and women who use these words, I don’t like you. Jenn Streaky Yates of LBEB knows firsthand what it’s like to face adversity over being strong and sexy. A combo intimidating to weak men all over.

The kind of bullshit I'm talking about.

The kind of bullshit I’m talking about.

I use women like Jenn as an inspiration to all women to pick up some weights, change their lives, and take a stand against a society bent on keeping women weak. We are living in an era when boys refuse to become men for fear of responsibility, and women weaken themselves in an effort to help these children feel like men. If you are a man and you do not actively strive to make a woman feel beautiful then you’re not a man. We were born to woo women, ponder life’s mysteries, and lift heavy shit. Yet most men nowadays would rather take some fat burners, listen to a scratchy macbook make music and demean women with their very presence. I find it offensive that I’m forced to share the same gender as these misogynistic POS.

I sincerely apologize ladies....

I sincerely apologize ladies….

This rant is pretty general and as such I could go on and on. That’s why it’s a rant dammit. But let me summarize by saying that if you want your women to be weak; whether it be mentally, emotionally, or physically, then you’re not a man. You’re not “protecting” her from anything, you’re just keeping her down because you don’t want to have to try harder and earn her respect. A strong woman is a beautiful woman, and as far as I’m concerned I’m going to keep fighting this fight for as long as there is a woman afraid to reach her potential.

For the ladies out there! If you’re looking to raise you’re quality of life and become stronger here are a few great resources:

Girls Gone Strong:These ladies know how to get it done! Lift heavy, Eat healthy, Feel beautiful.

Lift Big. Eat Big. : Brandon Morrison teaches you about getting strong, eating big, how buff is beautiful, and the infamous “Butt Test.” How does your booty hold up?

And last but not least…..

Ambition Athletics!!! : My home away from home. Come see us. Get stronger. Move better. Become educated. (And get a better booty in the process) It’s a swing thing.

I love my job.

I love my job.


30 thoughts on “Strong Women and the “Men” Who Fear Them

  1. Thanks for the shout out, B! I have had a few guys tell me I was getting “too diesel” and have seen some pretty nasty internet threads where guys say they won’t bang me because I’m too muscular. Seriously, Eff it. The guy I’m with loves me at 12% bodyfat just as much as he does at 18% and he compliments my muscles all the time. Thanks for writing about this!

    • The negative shit out there is ridiculous. It isn’t about whether or not you’d “bang” that chick or not. It’s about helping each woman feels beautiful. Maybe if we just appreciated the ladies in our lives a bit more they’d appear more beautiful just because! My girlfriend (the black and white pic above) deals with that shit all the time as both a lifter and LE

  2. Thank you soooo much for writing this, man I couldn’t agree with you more. I get sooooo discussed when i see idiotic comments like the one that picture above! Way to say it! I just shared it on my FB Fan page “Women of Crossfit = Strong” since there I also promote strong amazing women to not be afraid of their beautiful muscles!!

  3. This is perfect! Even other girls demean girls who lift. It is sad to go into my high school’s weight room and just be surrounded by guys who instantly assume they are better than me. Sorry to tell them but yes I am able to warm up with a 95# hang power clean, thank you very much! Now still being a teenager and having peers not support me and talk about how I am less of a girl use to get to me but I just realized that i love to freakin’ crossfit! Livin’ up to my own standards. Again, great post 🙂

  4. It really is a health issue. Women need to lift weights to stay strong throughout their lives. Being strong and fit gives women longer, healthier and more productive lives. We can be better workers, mothers, daughters, wives, friends, caretakers, aunts, neighbors etc. when we are strong.

    I just turned 40 and now I really lift heavy to keep my body strong. I just don’t understand why men should lift heavy and build strength and women should do zumba.

    But some people just have that crab in a barrel mentality.

  5. Good job, Brian!!
    Funny story: a woman who is doing a “working interview” in our practice the past two weeks asked me today, “…do you run or play volleyball?” I thought this was a real non-sequitor and asked why, and she said “because you are so fit.” Hmmm. Why today? Ah, yes, she has only seen me in scrubs but earlier today I was wearing a skirt and sleeveless top. When I said no and tried to describe a kettlebell to her, she had a blank stare. Then, since her name is Svetlana and she has a Russian accent, I said “gyra,” thinking this might ring a bell, and suddenly her eyes popped and her mouth dropped open and she was speechless.
    I guess even in Russia it is ok for women to get “fit” via running and volleyball, but heaven forbid any iron should be involved! (Unless I said a bad word in Russian thinking it meant “kettlebell.” Oops.)

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  8. thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you…..I grew up with 2 brothers and was EXPECTED to hold my own…when I meet guys as an adult that are intimidated by me it’s…baffling.

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  12. Amazing… Jen is a great friend of mine. I’ve had the privilege of watching her become the athlete she is known as today. She even let me write her story… Check it out on my blog, Not many people know her true story and I was honored to share
    It with all her fans. Thx for spotlighting her and strong, beautiful women everywhere!
    I’m glad I stumbled upon your blog! Much thanks.

  13. LOL you lift weights or “work out” for the very reason you complain about so called Weak men which is NOT for a healthy body but to Intimidate men just as your words in this article wreak of. All you said is equating “strong” with physicality while you said nothing of Natural Law or Spirituality. There will now be more women due to your article and others, who want to be muscular more like men so they can put fear into them and you know it! Also, most men do not find muscular women attractive because they DO look more like men so go ahead and deny this if you wish. It is all part and parcel of Competing with men which wasn’t mean to be, between the genders. And since the dawn of civilization many centuries ago, the Ancestors of women would agree with me as none of them were body builders or muscular and yet they WERE in decent physical condition because they helped raise many beautiful children however, so many of today’s Western women muscular of not call them “loser” housewives or stay-at-homes. Yes ridiculed for decades by “Independent Women” who need no-one but their sisterhood ever since the movement began. Funny too, how many in the movement today are now Lesbians … hmm … self-love. I am so glad we all have Choice who we wish to “hang out” with. And I have a right to my opinion too. Again, your ancestors going back centuries would read this article as stunningly bizarre out of this world but, what did they know since today’s what you deem as Real women know it all as they ram it down everyone’s throats while Real men must accept you and your muscles OR, they are weak. I read an article the other day by a “lady” saying, there is no debating them so just “ignore them”.

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