Strong Women and The “Men” Who Fear Them pt.2

This is the second part of my original rant about strong women and those who would hold them back. If you still haven’t read it (idk what’s wrong with you), please read  before moving forward!

After numerous positive emails, shares, and views I came to the conclusion I must have hit a true nerve with some people. I wrote my original post out of pure anger. Anger for women, anger at men, and as I thought more on the subject, anger at other women. I thought to myself: “How can so many GROWN WOMEN as well as young girls be faced with this problem?” How is it, that many women out there, who work, have endured childbirth (I know I couldn’t do that shit, mainly because I don’t have a uterus), and gone through any one of the throws of life, be afraid to be fit. I could almost forgive a young girl who finds terrible pressure from the media telling her that lifting and being athletic is gross, for being ill informed or anxious. As far as that goes, that’s a job for mothers and fathers to empower their child and discontinue crippling them. But after some contemplation, I have revisited a few points from the last piece in an effort to clarify some things.

  • If you’re a male who doesn’t believe women should be strong (physically, emotionally, or mentally), then you aren’t a man. You are a boy, a dude, who can’t comprehend why being strong is so vital to a healthy life.
  • If you are a women who doesn’t think it’s important to be able-bodied, you aren’t a woman. You’re a girl, who will eventually need to be coddled by someone tougher  than yourself. A burden to the rest.

And lastly……

  • Whether you are a male or female, (I use these terms to make sure to not confuse Boys with Men or Girls with Women), strength is a noble pursuit purely because as far as  I’m concerned; strong fixes everything
Except terrible underbites.

Except terrible underbites.

As not just a man, but a regular Joe, I understand life can be tough. When the going gets tough the tough get going. Yet sometimes, the going gets just a little too tough and I don’t know about anyone else, but sometimes I need advice; sound words of encouragement, or someone strong enough to give a guy, such as myself, a shoulder rub and the motivation to press on. In these situations how can a dude consider himself a “man”, yet strive to keep the ladies in his life down, get help? More “men”? Or would it not be better to accept that if you are to succeed in this life that the person you would depend on should be tough in all ways. NOT just physical.

Strong couple. Strong support.

Strong couple. Strong support.

Likewise, it has come to my attention that for all the advances of women in the past century, many are still held back by the belief that being capable is unattractive. A notion being perpetuated by girls who generally don’t know what they’re talking about. And I have to admit, if you’re a girl who attempts to hold back a fellow female from becoming more than she is, both physically and mentally, then I shall say it again: You aren’t a woman to me, you’re still a girl. A girl who doesn’t see how she can be strong AND beautiful. Thankfully, some ladies have taken on the challenge in an effort to save those who would otherwise waste away. We need more ladies like this. As a society we are weakening. We have middle aged girls walking around pretending to be women, all the while losing the opportunity to gain more from their body than a doctor can inject. A sense of pride.



I don’t believe it is possible to be physically strong without being mentally strong. Strength is obtained by struggling against oneself, and by overcoming oneself. It is about humbling  yourself and then pushing your limits deliberately, so that you may return better than you were. Girls and boys who fear ambition would do their best to bring down those who would seek something exceptional. And as previously stated, many women out there bring themselves down to the level of these boys in an effort to help them feel like men. Marianne Williamson said it correctly here, “There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people will not feel insecure around you.”  It is does not serve those who are feeble minded to minimize yourself due to their lack of avidity.

I meet men who desire strength, but lack the mental fortitude in order to bring themselves down and learn before executing. Women who have a burning desire to become something more but are apprehensive. Neither can bring themselves to rise above those around them for fear of scrutiny. It would seem obvious to many reading that the message needs to be spread. But in many ways I believe it goes deeper than that. It’s about self-respect and attitude. Purposely demanding more from those around you. Appreciating the diligence it takes to increase your quality of life.

this improves my quality of life

this improves my quality of life

I said it before and I’ll say it again. As men, we were born to woo women, ponder life, and lift heavy shit. As women, I believe you were meant to be alluring, tenacious in all ways, and strong as hell. Supporting each other in these ways is what we were made for and when one side deliberately falters then we both fail. I encourage men and women alike to pursue mightiness and vitality. Abandoning the troglodytes that resist individual growth.

Learn. Grow. Reach new heights.

Learn. Grow. Reach new heights.

Looking for more resources on becoming strong and fit? Or just some words of wisdom? Check out some of these other great places for inspiration and wellbeing. (as well as being strong as hell).

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Pretty Strong Powerlifting: Vanessa PrettyStrong Gale helps spread the word. Strong is beautiful. And I’ll be damned if lifting ladies aren’t beautifully strong. Plus, anyone who’s used pictures of me gettin’ after it on their site is fine by me!





This has been my second rant on this subject and it damn sure isn’t my last. Until that time, stay strong everyone!




10 thoughts on “Strong Women and The “Men” Who Fear Them pt.2

  1. “Kettle balls are also unnecessary, since you can easily get the benefits of incorporating weight and motion in a way that doesn’t add bulk or put your body at risk of injury … The sooner you build a long, lean, and feminine arm, the more sustainable the results will be — and with no sacrifice in strength.” -Tracy Anderson

    How mad did you get when you read that??? haha

  2. Loved the article but most of all LOVED the pic of the KB in the air. Great shot! So I am curious, was it caught or part of a move? Very cool! Something to be said for strength as well as functional movements with strength.

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