So far 2013 has been quite a ride in many ways. Up and down in multiple areas. Setbacks, successes, and it seems for every goal I meet two more pop up. My ambitions feel like they are constantly growing at an uncontrollable rate. Pursuing more of my dreams than I thought I could at one time. It’s definitely exciting in many ways and for that reason I’ve come back from a bit of a break on the blog to hopefully set in motion just a few of the new projects I plan on moving forward with.

Worth the wait.

Worth the wait.

My Website!

I know what you’re thinking: “But Brian, aren’t we ALREADY on your website?” I know it may seem crazy, but I’ve gone and set up a website so that I may more efficiently get the word out on my training, programs, events, and anything else I might need in order to get others to think I’m a professional.

More Facespace

I went ahead and got all crazy with FB by making ANOTHER page. The difference between this and my personal one is that it shall be easier once again for me to link contacting me, reading/sharing my blogs, updating events/programs/etc. all much easier! Plus you get to see more of my forays into culinary deliciousness under the album “Massive Meals.” ENJOY!


For those of you who are active snapshot takers on instagram, follow me! Get a deeper look into the fun stuff I do, my foodporn, and sweet pictures of me in a kilt! If you don’t already use instagram, you should. If only to see pictures of me in a kilt. Seriously. It’s worth it.


I just started this thing. Don’t judge me, but do follow me!

Ambition Athletics

As always my home away from home! Tired of looking at your computer? Get off your butt and come say ‘HI!’ You can find me at the gym almost everyday. Come say hi and learn how to get strong and athletic!

You heard Ben Stiller.

You heard Ben Stiller.

Well folks that’s it for now! Questions? Comments? Moans? Groans?

I’d love to hear em! Big things are on the way for me and I’m very excited. Working my way up while empowering others and lifting big. Join the club! We’ve got t-shirts…. (seriously though, we have sweet tees)


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