How awesome is deadlifting? Seriously.

Deadlifting is awesome. I mean, we all know we can agree on that. But just how awesome is deadlifting? Crazy awesome, or craze amaze if you’re hip and with it. If ever there was an exercise that produced some of the greatest positive change in the body in terms of strength building, fat burning, muscle driving, confidence boosting, awesome-sauce increasing greatness then it has got to be deadlifting. Still not convinced? Let’s break it down and talk about why if you’re not deadlifting you’re wrong.

So awesome.

So awesome.

1. Deadlifting makes you stronger.
This first one is obvious. Simply picking something up off the floor repeatedly will make you stronger. The body’s ability to exert force in such a simple applicable manner again and again help to build enormous levels of practical strength. The deadlift will torch everything from your grip to your glutes. Giving you a solid core, neck, arms, glutes and legs. When I have clients that need to get stronger quickly, we deadlift.  Studies have shown resistance training get you stronger; at the heart of every good training program should be deadlifts. Pick it up. Put it back down. Repeat and grow stronger.

Check yourself guys.

Check yourself guys.

2. Kick fat in the ass.
We all know that the key to losing fat MOST efficiently is to build muscle. That’s fine, but the problem comes in when clients aren’t sure how to maximize their time in the gym in terms of building muscle. Yet another reason I rely on the deadlift. Shaping lean muscle mass will help burn more calories strictly by existing than by cardio or some other such nonsense alone. By deadlifting, clients utilize nearly every filament in the body to fulfill a task. The sheer level of work required, combined with the fantastic amount of overall muscle activation increases both mass and density. These factors in turn will help to drive fat out the door and fill out those jeans you love.

3. Traps on Traps on Traps
Want to form some serious muscle? Pick that shit up then. Seriously. One of the most critical parts to building muscle is dancing the right way with your central nervous system. Eating, sleeping, lifting, etc. correctly to get where you need to be. Generating the right kind of stimulus for muscle growth is simple. You must spur the CNS into action with the appropriate kind of disruption. Deadlifting can help cause the greatest positive upset to the CNS in order to increase growth hormone, spike the metabolism, and ultimately burn fat while increasing muscle mass.

They don't call it a trap bar for nothing... Damn.

They don’t call it a trap bar for nothing… Damn.

4. Confidence
I have not had a single client who put time into learning to deadlift who didn’t see a marked swelling in self-confidence do to the benefits of the aforementioned effects of this exercise. There is not a doubt in my mind that learning to focus, breath deeply, and muster the fortitude to battle yourself again and again in the deadlift will not create someone who is stronger and more confident than they were before. Regardless of age, gender, etc.

Lastly, deadlifting to me is meditative. Anyone who knows me knows I have too much energy and nowhere to put it most of the time. Often times this fact can make life burdensome. Learning how to deadlift properly taught me miles of concentration that I have taken and applied to other aspects of my life including, but not limited to, school, work, relationships, and so on. Training to take a deep breath and put every ounce of your being into something takes practice. Although this can be said for anything. I again turn to this critical exercise as something anyone and everyone can and should take with them to improve their own life.


273kg meditation


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