Top Five Lifting Songs – Metal Edition

I feel like the number one common thread between any and all people who hit the gym is music. I could name on a few fingers the people I’ve met who say they actually PREFER silence while lifting. Today we’re going to stay away from those weirdos and I’m going to shed a little light onto just a few songs that I love to have blasting while hittin’ the weights.

NOTE: These aren’t even some of my favorite songs. These are just a few that for some reason when they come on, it’s game time. Couldn’t even explain why, but here they are. Five songs that take me to the zone.

1. Flaw – Payback

This one gets me pumped. Something about how it’s pretty mellow for the most part yet breaks down hard for the chorus strikes a chord with me. Sort of like how we lift. There’s the calm getting ready for a big lift and when the moment comes you let loose and get shit done. This one just so happens to exemplify that breakdown I have mentally when I open the floodgates on a barbell.


2. System of a Down – Prison Song

An oldie but a goodie. At least for me. For whatever reason when this one comes on it gets me motivated. Maybe it’s the social message being put forth mixed with some lovely melodies about the drugs, prisons, and government that just gets me pumped. With every rep it’s like I’m stickin’ it to the man. Side Note: This was the best SOAD album in my opinion.


3. Rammstein – Du Hast

I have loved this song from the moment I heard it. A solid beat throughout mixed with the synthesizers and guitar make this a great one. Plus it’s in German or something. So that’s cool. But seriously though, Rammstein is a killer band and this is one of their more well known songs for a reason. It’s awesome.


4. Slipknot – Pulse of the Maggots

I could seriously do an entire list devoted to Slipknot, but if I had to choose one song it’d be this. If I don’t feel like lifting then this one is on. Fast and hard this one epitomizes some of the things I think of about lifting and life in a general way. Many people find themselves held down by life or other people and need to break free. The fact that we are here only a short time and I’ll be damned if I wont work my ass off. The sound off at the end is the best.


5. Bullet for My Valentine – Hearts Burst Into Fire

This one actually surprises me. Although not generally a fan here, I really like this song. For whatever reason when I hear this song I immediately find myself in the mood to kick some ass. Fast guitars and some pretty good breakdowns make this one that when I can’t get myself going gets the job done.


These are just a few of the many songs that get me through my workouts. I guess the biggest difference is that these songs are the ones that get me fired up if I find myself fizzling out while training. Some of the ones that reinvigorate me. Don’t worry, I plan on putting together a few more lists of my favorite warmup songs, rap, etc. for when I’m gettin’ it done in the gym. Until then, enjoy these suggestions!


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