Recently I heard somebody say: “You don’t hate Mondays, you hate your job.” And I was immediately struck by how true this is that so many people have become so disenfranchised by what they do for a living. They no longer celebrate their position. They are not enthralled by it, they have no passion. They have a job. Often times I thank my lucky stars that I am not of this group. I don’t think I’m better than these people, many suffer extenuating circumstances, yet for the most part many are just scared. They are afraid to live the life they truly desire by pursuing their passion.

Tell yourself you're a king.

Tell yourself you’re a king.

We must not allow ourselves to become bound by the worthless opinions of many that surround us. Deep down we all know what we are destined to do and it is whether or not we are willing to suffer the pain of discipline to get there, or if we choose to ultimately live with the pain of regret for not having stayed strong. Living the life you feel emboldened by is the right of all, the passion of few, and the dreams of the rest. Time and time again we are told it is better to live a few hard years the way most people won’t so that we may end up living the way most people cannot. This is to me how we find our calling.


I found myself in fitness. I suffer no “Mondays.” I deal in being the voice of empowerment and self motivation. Teaching people not to merely lift weights, but themselves. Strength is more than physical, this is obvious, but for many not readily available and for them I seek to encourage resolve. I have no “job.” There is only passion for those I teach, celebrating their successes, and reflecting on our failures.

What success looks like.

What success looks like.

My goal is to be more than a handsome trainer with sweet calves. My goal is to teach others to elevate their lives and become more than they are both in AND out of the gym. This brings me back to my original point. Most people don’t hate Mondays, they hate their job. When you have a passion you don’t go to work, you go to LIVE. My calling has woken me up to living my dreams.

Subsequently my dreams involve teaching ladies how to build a better booty. Which is just a perk if you ask me.

Living the dream

Living the dream


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