Nike got it right. Just do it.

Just do it.

Possibly one of the cheesiest phrases since “No pain No gain.” Yet Nike has founded an entire marketing campaign around these few simple words. I believe simpler is definitely better more often than not and the more I think about it the more I believe Nike hit the nail on the head here. We can only talk so much. We can only plan, study, imagine, and say we just aren’t ready for so long. There comes a time eventually where we must take a deep breath and just do it. It might be difficult, it might be hard, and you might even fail. This is the most important part though, because you never know if you shall succeed or not. Each time we step up to the plate in life and do something new. All of the planning and talking and wishing can’t fully prepare you for the time the test comes if you’re not ready. Life is a test and we’re making up the answers as we go.


     You can’t always know what the result of something are going to be. But one of my favorite phrases is “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” I love this because I believe it fits right in with “Just do it”. Plan, discuss, organize, prepare, and at the end of these things it is time for the call to action. Taking that last potentially nervous/uncomfortable breath and going for the plunge. This can apply to literally anything in life. Work, school, lifting, love. Literally anything. It’s in any of these things we find ourselves. When we try something new, when we bust our ass at/for something/someone we love, when we compete physically, or trying a new business venture. Nothing in this life is guaranteed, you must work, and strive, and hustle for what you desire. Those who do not care will sit back and watch or complain or tear you down or make excuses.


Despite all that sometimes you have NO time to prepare. Life throws you a curveball and you must deal with it as best you can. Because of my job as a trainer I use the saying “Just do it” constantly. Just do it. Who cares if you fail? What does it even matter? You tried, if you succeed then fuck yeah, if you didn’t then let’s go back and fix it. People are so afraid of trying something that they hold themselves back from ever becoming more than they were. At our gym we have the 80% rule. Do the best you can, and make it look easy. Lift heavy and well. Stop when your body says, and come back for more. I love this rule because it improves recovery time, helps people progress steadily and consistently, and reduces the risk of injury dramatically. Yet despite this rule I personally enjoy pushing myself further than I am sure I can go. I do this deliberately. Because in my mind I love progression, but I also love testing my limits. Going a 105% and seeing where I end up. It’s uncomfortable, and often times I don’t know what the result will be. Yet without this mentality I do not believe I would be as strong as I am or where I am in life without it.



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