25 Random Thoughts on food, fitness, and everything I think about everything.


  • Flag Nor Fail’s newest monogram “FXCK THE ECONOMY” is amazing. It even took ME a second to understand what comes with it. I love it.


  • You are the sum of the top five people you spend the most time with. If you aren’t where you want to be in life then please stop and take a look at who you surround yourself with.


  • Being unique is not the same as being helpful, useful, or innovative. Just because you’re different doesn’t mean you do anything. If it’s not beneficial to the world then it’s not valuable.




  • Sleep is highly underrated by people nowadays. More so than ever before. Put down the phone, turn the TV off, and stop eating NERDS before bed. You’ll sleep and feel better.


  • People say technology is ruining the next generation. I disagree. Kids are so accustomed to these advances that they are almost bored with it. Human interaction will prevail.


  • Sometimes you can always squat/deadlift heavy all the time. Sometimes you take a week and exploit your weaknesses like hell. It grounding and builds character.


  • Never say no to a well-made bowl of bacon macaroni and cheese. Or either of these things individually for that matter.


  • People like to talk about the vastness of the universe as a way to quell what’s wrong in our lives by putting into perspective how insignificant we are. Want perspective? Donate your time to a homeless veterans shelter. You know… the people that fight for your country and are tossed away afterward.


  • QWERTY keyboards were originally designed for left-handed people to type more efficiently. Step your game up lefties.


  • Life is both long and short at the same time, but it is not so long that you should waste time with weak-ass coffee.


Seriously. Go buy it. It's amazing.

Seriously. Go buy it. It’s amazing.


  • Speaking of coffee. Support local independent coffee roasters. Expand what you know and stop drinking Starbucks milkshake you toddlers.


  • Speaking of local. Support local everything. Food, gyms, breweries, stores, venues, etc.


  • End HOAs.


  • The world would be a better place if more kids did gymnastics and weightlifting from an early age.


  • There are too many rules and not enough parents teaching their children.


  • Want to make a difference in the world? Start with your block.


  • Do more grip work in the gym. You’ll have a better handshake and your girlfriend will love you more.





  • Grind up tortilla chips and scramble them in with you next set of eggs. Thank me later.


  • Pull up your pants dammit. Otherwise I’m just going to start pulling them down and running.


  • Speaking of which. You’re not a fucking gangster-homie. You grew up in La Costa/Encinitas/Carlsbad/Del Mar/La Jolla. Sorry bro.





  • “#SORRYNOTSORRY” needs to die.


  • I’m tired of people remembering “the good ol’ days.” Your parents did it, their parents did, and you are too. Break the cycle and adapt to a new world.






  • No. I don’t NEED to watch “XYZ”-whatever-the-fuck new/old television series. Yes, I’m sure that I would LOVE IT.


  • Cardio is not the enemy. Maybe if you put even one iota of time or thought into it the way you did for weight training you’d recognize the benefits to not getting winded walking up the stairs.




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