Coffee Talk

I love coffee. I love everything about it. I don’t drink a gallon a day or anything crazy, usually just a cup-ish. So I’m pretty sure that I’m not addicted. (pretty sure) But recently John Roman (a guy whose name you should know) posited that he wished that he loved almost anything as much as some people love coffee. He has no real affinity for it, but notices that some people tend to have an almost “masturbatory” quality to how they talk about their love of coffee. After he put his thoughts out there I got to thinking about it too much and decided to jot down what coffee does for me. I also went on to reach out to a few of my peers for what they thought about coffee and what it might mean to them, how they make theirs, or why they love it.

Words to live by.

Words to live by.

There are a myriad of benefits to drinking coffee. The most obvious of which is the presence of caffeine. That beautiful beautiful chemical that gets your ass going in the morning or before a lifting session. Some people claim to love coffee but drink lattes, mochas, frappuccinos, and other shit. They don’t like coffee, they like sugar and milk. I don’t normally add anything to my coffee, maybe some heavy cream sometimes but never sugar. And I spoke with people who also enjoy a solid cup of joe the way I do to see what it is to them and I’ve come to a few conclusions.

The first of which being this.

The first of which being this.

  • It’s about the process more than anything. Everyone I contacted makes his or her own coffee almost every single time. On top of that nearly all of them exclusively use a French press. This leads me to believe that although you can buy coffee nearly everywhere and get your fix, it’s about more than that. When we make our coffee it’s about the process. For some grinding the beans, boiling the water, pouring the water over and letting it steep just how you like it. It’s easy to hit a button and get coffee or have someone from Starbucks pull the coffee lever and fill your cup, but when we put the effort into this mini-journey it is just that much better.


  • It’s usually about “ME” time. On top of the fact that everyone has their particular way that they enjoy making their brew, I have found that it usually involves setting aside a small amount of time to oneself. Me included. The few minutes of prep, plus actually making the coffee, and subsequently enjoying it sometimes in a meditative state, can be relaxing and allow for reflection on your day. It’s time you give back to yourself before work, family, and life.


  • Brewing coffee in the morning is one of the simplest most rewarding things you may do all day. With all the potential pitfalls in day-to-day life and people you need to deal with and things you must accomplish, it becomes easy to see why something so simple can be so fulfilling. You brew it exactly how you like it, enjoy it exactly as you want, and no one can or will appreciate it the same way you do. Because of this you get a sense of reward or accomplishment.
If aren't already going to Amazon to buy a french press then idk what's wrong with you.

If aren’t already going to Amazon to buy a french press then idk what’s wrong with you.

These are just a few examples of what I love most about coffee and making my own. Below you’ll find some testimonials from several peers of mine about how they do it and what it means to them. For me personally I enjoy either blonde roasts or dark roasts, I’m not a middle of the pack medium roast person. Once again it has nothing to do with caffeine, even though blonde roasts have higher caffeine contents than dark roasts. I love doing a dark roast most mornings in my French press. My bean of choice comes from Death Wish coffee company who claims to have some of the strongest beans in the world. I believe them because it’s a bold claim, but either way their coffee’s flavor alone packs a punch. Nearly every morning I go through my ritualistic French pressing and then sit and spend several hours writing. This is my time and it is extremely valuable to me.

A few words from friends to drive the point home. I could not have said it better than what is below.

Neghar Fonooni

Soothing as fuck.

Soothing as fuck.

When I wake up in the morning, one of my first thoughts is in anticipation of coffee. I’m actually EXCITED about drinking it, and I wake up with that sense of enthusiasm.

I come downstairs, fill my kettle with water and flip the switch. While the water boils, I drink a warm cup of lemon and cayenne water, then I grind the beans. When the water is boiled, I empty the grinds into the French press with cinnamon, pour the water over, stir and brew. It’s a methodical dance that sets the stage for my day. At the center of all of it is the knowledge that the first sip is going to be heavenly.

I then spend the next hour on my patio with nothing but my books and my brew–no phone, laptop, or to-do lists, just me and a few of my favorite things. I truly believe that this part of my day is precious, in that it contributes positively to my sense of wellbeing, and sets the tone for the rest of my day.

Naveed Shan

OG Coffee

OG Coffee

I love coffee, like I fucking lovvve coffee. My days are pretty nonstop from 5am to 8pm but I’ll always set aside an hour a day for breakfast…and of course coffee. My favorites are Intelligentsia coffee beans, which I found in Chicago, and if I use a ground it’s Yaucono café puro from Puerto Rico. I’ve owned Keurig, Cuisinart, and Kitchen Aide coffee appliances and nothing can replace an old fashioned cup of French pressed coffee. I’ve come to love the process of making coffee as much as I enjoy the taste of that sweet sweet nectar. I’ll never drink coffee in a rush. I turn everything off and take my time in the process of grinding the beans for 20 seconds, boiling the water, waiting for the ground to settle to the bottom of the French press, and using the perfect amount of creamer.

Ryan Karas

At least once if your life you should consider how much horsepower your coffee maker has. Just sayin'

At least once if your life you should consider how much horsepower your coffee maker has. Just sayin’

As a self proclaimed coffee connoisseur I have experimented with many brands and style of coffee in my short adult life, from dunking loads of butter in my coffee to drinking it straight cowboy style. In this time I have finely honed my perfect cup of joe, it’s goes a little something like this, French pressed, dark roast (French preferably), with a shot of espresso, black, temperature is usually dependent on how hot it is outside. I love this cup anytime of the day but especially before a hard training session.


There you have it… I’m not saying we know something you don’t, but if you haven’t tried it yet, you might just be living half as much as you thought.

A man needs rituals.

A man needs rituals.




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