On Getting Shit Done

Most of my life I have been a procrastinator, that would make it sound like I grew out of it though and that’s a lie. I’m not truly a procrastinator. I get things done; it’s just usually either all or nothing. I go through intense bouts in which I devour every task before me and then finish it all off with some iced Jameson and steak. Or I put shit off until the last minute then scramble doing all the work with sweaty palms and lots of Jameson still, but this time to numb the pain of my own stupidity. The fact remains though that I am improving. More on top of things, ahead of the game if only by an inch and I’m here to share a few strategies that have helped me.

Pictured: problem solving

Pictured: problem solving

When devising what attributes helped improve my quality of life the most I sat back and thought about it for a moment. (Trying hard not to drift off into daydream land and end up watching fail compilations on YouTube) Besides, I figured I’ll just watch them later, but that’s a completely different article. A few of the tips you’ll find here will have to do with an application or two to help you stay on task, time management thoughts, and personal beliefs that I hold dear.

Maybe not that tightly though…..

Maybe not that tightly though…..

  • Wake up early – I know this idea is about as played out as vanilla ice, but vanilla ice was/is the shit and so is waking up early. Let’s face facts: we only have so much time during the day, and most people don’t handle stress very well. This usually throws many into a floundering state where they almost can’t function mentally. Moral of the story? Put your phone down, shut the TV off and get to bed. Can’t sleep? Read a book. Getting up early gives you more time in the day, makes you more alert, and increases testosterone levels. Quit bitching and stop hitting the snooze button.
  • Write things down – For me this ones fits in with the previous paragraph. As I’m winding down my day. I write down 1-3 things I NEED accomplish for the next day. Physically writing things down does something to us mentally. Makes the task feel more real. More pressing. Personally I enjoy that feeling of crossing things off. So grab a note card, write down three things you WANT to get done, and get out there and boost yourself up with some self-made motivation.


  • EVERNOTE – I chose to make this a totally separate piece because this is my article so I’ll do what I want. This app does all that for you. My big problem, like many people, is that I mentally tell myself to remind myself to send this, or call that person, or look this/that up later. And like most people I completely forget and then remember at 9o’clock at night when I’m in bed. Never again. Get evernote, get organized, and remind yourself to be awesome.
  • Tell people – This one is simple. Telling people about things you want to do makes you accountable. Having people depend on you is important. It makes you take action. Set a time you need to have things accomplished by, and make it earlier than the actual deadline. I have grown to love accountability and personally responsibility. It makes me better at eating well, training hard, and doing work to the best of my ability.
  • Do things you’re good at – This last one is a bit obscure. I believe heavily in doing what makes you happy or having a career you love. I have said forever that people do what they want and only what they want. And if someone is engaged in something they DON’T want to do then what they are working on is purely a means to an end that they DO desire. By choosing a path you love then you will be more prone to work at it, to hone whatever this craft is, and devote obscene levels of time to it. This will make you more productive, more successful, and probably more attractive considering how many people actually devote time and effort to ANYTHING worthwhile nowadays.


Five things I do to help me get shit done. I employ these tools constantly and always strive to improve upon whatever my last conquest may have been. Success is for everyone and it’s true that the early bird does catch the worm. I’ve heard that good things come to those who wait. I disagree; good things come to those who wake the fuck up and get shit done.



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