25 Random Thoughts on Food, Fitness, and other Shit

Implementing something as small as pushups, done extremely concentrated each day can bear enormous benefits.

Everything you say will be accepted by some, ignored by most, and ridiculed by the rest. Best to just say what you’re thinking and be open minded.

Do your research on everything before you speak. Once you’ve learned, go back and learn more.

There’s never one side to any story.

If you trust the government then you are as lost as people that where tin foil hats.


Sometimes a slice of pizza along side your omelet is the best way to get carbs in easily.

Prepping food ahead of time is easy.

Eating clean is cheaper and easier than people realize, arguing otherwise is pure obstinance and idiocy.

Ladies afraid of lifting because they don’t want to “look like a man” are self-defeating and need to be lifted up.

Being productive is not the same and being busy. Learn the difference to succeed.

Sprints are like jogging but for people who’ve got shit to do.

Learn the difference

Learn the difference

Move every morning for a few minutes before you do anything else. Then drink some water. It’ll change your life.

On that note: make sure you stop whatever you’re doing throughout the day and move at least a few times.

If you’re in a relationship. Spend a few minutes at the end of each day working on your relationship. Whatever it takes.

Invest your money, hoard it, accrue whatever you can and make it work for you.

Do what you say you will.

If you know what to do but you do not do what you know then it does not matter that you know it.

Integrity means being the person you portray.


What you say has nothing to do with who you are, your behavior does.

You should be able to get through a “hardcore” training session with nothing but 8 hours of sleep and a bottle of water.

High rep squats show who you really are inside. High rep deadlifts build character. And burpees suck no matter who you are.

From a man’s perspective. It seems as if women are so much harder and more judgmental on each other than men. I can’t understand why.

The only reason you should be looking into someone else’s bowl is to make sure they have enough.

When you keep other people down. You can never grow because you must work to keep them in place instead of moving forward together.

Opera Non Verba – Deeds, not words.





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